New Construction vs. Existing Homes for Sale in Redmond OR

Redmond, OR, is a great place to live. There is no doubt about that. However, you may be wondering about buying compared to building. There are many beautiful residential houses for sale in Redmond in many settings, from townhomes to luxury getaways to ranches to lots. When it comes to constructing your next home compared with buying, in Redmond, you really cannot go wrong either way.

New Construction vs. Existing Homes

First, every situation is unique, and your decision must ultimately meet your specific needs. That said, should you opt for houses for sale in Redmond or instead look to new construction in Redmond for your next home? There are important points about both to consider when deciding.

Advantages of New Homes

New homes have advantages that a large percentage of buyers appreciate.

  • Customizability: If you build a new home, you get to choose every single detail. If someone in your household has special needs, choosing new construction in Redmond may seem easier than modifying an existing structure.
  • Safety: Many builders now use safer materials than in the past, including flame-retardant flooring and insulation. Some new homes also include systems to mitigate radon exposure.
  • Eco-Friendliness: In addition to safer materials, you can choose to build your home in an environmentally friendly fashion, from bamboo floors to solar panels and rain harvesting systems. New homes also are generally equipped with energy-efficient appliances.
  • Problem-free: As everything is new in a just-constructed home, you will not have to be concerned immediately with replacing expensive items and systems. Furthermore, you will not need to worry about an existing mold problem.

These are important advantages to new home construction, but there are also major benefits to choosing one of the beautiful existing houses for sale in Redmond.

Advantages of Existing Homes

There are many residential houses for sale in Redmond, and buyers are quick to recognize the pluses they offer.

  • Quick move-in: After the necessary paperwork and process of home buying is complete, you may be able to move in a month or two. Many people appreciate this, especially if they need to relocate quickly, such as for a new job.
  • Lower cost: Buying an existing home often costs less than building a new one.
  • Mature landscaping: Generally, existing homes have landscaping in place. Many homeowners appreciate these benefits, even though they do not get to choose floorplans or details.

Find Your Next Home

Redmond, OR, is a great place to live, whether you decide to build or buy. Existing homes range from townhouses to mountain chalets, and we list a wide variety of homes for sale as well as lots. Browse our listings today and then ask us for more information. Call us at 541-410-9592 or use our online contact form.